Shocking Footage Reveals Inside Of Lancashire Hoarder's Filthy Home

by LouisaLegge1071449 posted Mar 17, 2023


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Shocking footage from insider a hoarder's filthy home shows 'ten tonnes' of Waste King covering the entire floor and piling up the walls.

garage clearance firm The Rubbish Removers shared clips of their eight-man team wading through knee-high piles of Rubbish Removal, discarded beer bottles and urine-filled containers at the two-bedroom Lancashire property.

The House Clearance, which a customer had inherited from a distant relative, was due to be sold, but would have faced a near-impossible market with some rooms filled to the ceiling with waste and crumbling walls.

Operations manager Richard Walsh, who was one of eight workers on site for the mammoth clear-up job, was left stunned by the sheer amount of discarded beer cans and wine bottles.